Powered by always-on customer data and machine learning, Lytics helps us know each user deeply.

We're working with brands to improve how they target and communicate with our users. It’s all about serving the right message, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.
What is it?
Our customer data platform or CDP provides a unified, single customer view across Regit. It provides a central location for managing all our user customer data - user profiles, website visits, content affinity, vehicle data, behavioural data and demographic data in a wholly compliant way.

Lytics helps to inform and augment our marketing and advertising strategy with integrations into our ESP and DfP.
How it works
Within Lytics, we build out cohorts of users based on our partners brief. We have over 5 million user profiles within our CDP. We can include data we hold on users like vehicle make and model, affinity to content and location.

For display advertising, a cohort is created, passed through to DfP via an API and ads are served to users within the cohort wherever they are onsite.

For email marketing, a cohort is created, passed through to our ESP via an API and users within the cohort recieve an email, tailored to them.
Success stories
Our ability to target users via Lytics has played an integral part in many of our partners campaigns.
Osram Toyota BMW
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