Working with data analytics experts, Peak , we have created a unique and game-changing prediction model, RegitPredict.

Over time we've realised the unlocked predictive potential within a registration number. With Peak we have created a market-leading prediction algorithm predicting when a user is likely to change their car, based off a VRM
"We think we've got the perfect partner in Peak to enable us to harness the power of our data set. With RegitPredict, we're confident partners and agencies alike can see the same 30% increase in efficiencies we've seen."
Steven Morrow - Head of Marketing
Who are they
  • Peak have built the world’s first subscription-based data analytics service that empowers companies of all sizes to make better business decisions.
  • Founded in November 2014, Peak grew quickly through delivering high quality data and business intelligence services to companies such as Morrisons, AstraZeneca and The Economist.
  • After a year of rapid growth, the company was recognised by Tech North as one of the ‘top tech start-ups in the UK’ through winning the Northern Stars competition in 2015.
What we do
The Peak technology platform is built on advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies and generates insight and guides business decision-making in rapid timeframes, providing immediate value.

Peak have helped us to improve the overall efficiency of our call centre. We have increased revenue per user by 65% while making 30% fewer calls. Using advanced Machine Learning and AI tools, the Peak platform identifies the best time to contact a customer by accurately predicting when they are most likely to sell their vehicles. This is just the beginning, as Peak’s algorithms are constantly evolving to provide further optimisation and growth.
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