We're Regit.
We help drivers at the moments that matter to them, be it a new car, a service and everything inbetween.

It is our mission to help take the stresses out of owning a car, so that we can all enjoy the special relationship without worries.
"We love our cars as part of our life, our family and as an extension of our homeā€¦ However, we hate the stresses and obligations that come with that relationship."
Who are we
  • Formed way back in 2007 as Motoring.co.uk, we are automotive specialists.
  • We are the UK's largest independent automotive site.
  • We have a huge engaged community of over 2.5 million motorists.
What we do
We Hold a single customer view (via our CDP, Lytics) of all users enabling fully-integrated marketing and lead generation across display, data licensing. Every user has a digital garage of all their key dates, and we have specific understanding of the car owners lifecycle to determine when they are in-market for a new car.

We generate leads for OEMs, Dealer and Automotive partners through our solutions. We do this through leveraging our cutting-edge technology, developed both in-house and with some of the biggest tech businesses in the world.
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Success stories
  • Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers think of us:
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