We're Regit.
We help drivers at the moments that matter to them, be it a new car, a service and everything inbetween.

It is our mission to help take the stresses out of owning a car, so that we can all enjoy the special relationship without worries.
"We love our cars as part of our life, our family and as an extension of our homeā€¦ However, we hate the stresses and obligations that come with that relationship."
Who are we
  • Formed way back in 2007 as Motoring.co.uk, we are automotive specialists.
  • We are the UK's largest independent automotive site.
  • We have a huge engaged community of over 2.5 million motorists.
What we do
Provide you with the tools and information to take the pain out of car ownership, so you can focus on enjoying it.

We generate leads for OEMs, Dealer and Automotive partners through our solutions. We do this through leveraging our cutting-edge technology, developed both in-house and with some of the biggest tech businesses in the world.
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Success stories
  • Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers think of us:
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