Data Enhancement
Be in the know. Gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of your customer.
We’ll give you valuable insights on your customers to help you define and target your marketing more effectively.
What is it?
With over 300 fields of data gathered via just a car registration, we enable you to enhance your data and append with additional information, so you can expand your campaign targeting and marketing channel options.

These fields include contact details like email address and contact number; vehicle data such as MOT due date, service due date, warranty and breakdown expiry dates, change of ownership date, mileage, value and whether the vehicle was bought on finance.

We can also append demographic data, like CACI Acorn.
How it works?
We’ll work with you to define unique attributes of your best and most profitable customers.

All anonymised / hashed data can be enhanced simply using an API making it easier for you and ensuring data is entirely secure. Alternatively, we can send the enhanced data to you via secure file transfer.
Why this option?
You’ll be able to anticipate likely future behaviours and buying trends and identify prospects most like your best customers for new growth opportunities.
Moments that matter
Santander tasked us with matching users who had valued their car recently (trigger and intent) with a view to promoting related products and services.
"The results are really positive and show that the triggers are the right message at the right time for the customer." - Partnerships Manager, Marketing Source
Mercedes’ marketing campaign focussed on bringing orphan car owners back into the network.

We were given car registration data and provided details of the current vehicle owner for Mercedes to communicate to. 60% of the records we matched against had changed keeper.
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