Put your brand centre stage with our most compelling advertising opportunity.
Choose your moment and a captive audience from homepage or channel takeovers.
What is it?
Takeover gives you the opportunity to achieve a significant amount of reach and create mass awareness for your campaign, whether it be a new car or product launch, or a major sales event. Influence your desired customers at the start of their journey or during their journey across desktop, tablet and mobile.
How it works?
Choose your moment. Takeover our homepage or specific channels, like valuation, new or used car channel or maintenance area.

Our campaign management team will work with you to create the most compelling advertising opportunity available, on your terms.
Why this option?
Your brand will be placed centre stage, getting 100% share of voice. Takeover Regit for as little as 24 hours and increase your brand’s visibility and awareness exponentially.
Success Stories
Find out why we were the best performer on the plan.
Read how we reached over 800,000 new car buyers and delivered a CTR of 0.74%.
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