Achieving reach and relevance via RegitAds and RegitData, over 25,000 users visited Ford's Motorcraft 4+ website.
Our Objective
Ford Motorcraft briefed us to target orphan brand owners promoting Motorcraft 4+ servicing.
The Challenge
  • Leverage multiple channels to reach orphan users who own a Ford aged 3-15 years old with relevant media and messaging.
  • Inform, educate and promote the benefits of Motorcraft 4+ servicing to bring the consumer back into the network.
The Solution
Against Ford Motorcraft's criteria, we identified 500,000 users to target via Cross Device Ad Formats and Email.

Ford Motorcraft licensed RegitData to target 185,000 Ford owners directly with their own messaging on a per-send basis.

To target the remaining users, we took attributes from exisiting Ford owners and created a custom audience via lookalike modelling. We then served these users Ford Motorcraft's display advertising accordingly.

Our editorial team also worked with Ford directly to produce Sponsored Content promoting the benefits of Ford Motorcraft 4+.
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The Results
  • Open rate averaged at a high 18% with almost 40,000 users reading the email, CTR averaged at 9% and delivery was reported at a consistent 95%.
  • We served over 1 million ad impressions, reaching over 300,000 users. High CTR at an averaged 0.26% across multiple formats.
  • On the back of the activity throughout the quarter, 25,000 users visited Ford Motorcraft 4+.
  • We were the number one third-party data provider.
Over 500,000 unique users matched against Ford's profiling, across RegitData & RegitAds.
Email CTR averaged at 9% and Display CTR averaged at 0.26%.
25,000 users visited Ford's website via paid activity and added value provided free to optimise the campaign.
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