Leveraging our multi-channel Premium RegitLeads offering and RegitAds Bespoke Brand Package, we generated over 1,000 high-quality leads for Infiniti.
Our Objective
For the launch of Infiniti's Q30, we were approached to generate qualified test drive requests through creative and innovative means.
The Challenge
  • Drive consideration and appeal of the Infiniti brand and Q30 in a highly saturated market with established German competitors.
  • Promote Q30, engaging prospective leads via multiple publisher channels.
  • Deliver high-quality, verified test drive leads to contribute to overall UK sales target.
The Solution
Together with Infiniti's agency Omnicom, we compiled a competitor set focusing on relevance and reach. We identified 300,000 users to target.

As part of our Bespoke Brand package, we created a promotional landing page featuring Sponsored Content and Video, which focused on educating consumers about Infiniti’s brand and the new Q30.

Our unique algorithm enabled us to segment groups of users who were in-market for a new car, target with SMS and email via RegitData and drive them to the landing page.

We also utilised our social channels to reach multiple cohorts of in-market and in-consideration category owners, driving them to our content.
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The Results
  • We generated over 1,000 prospective leads.
  • 241 of these leads went on to request a test drive.
  • Over 30,000 unique users engaged with our bespoke Sponsored Content and videos.
  • Our social activity generated 85 leads, of which 36 requested test drives - 42% conversion rate.
Through our consumer contact centre and activity via RegitData, we were able to reach almost 300,000 users.
Over 30,000 users engaged with our bespoke Sponsored Content and informative videos.
We generated over 1,000 leads with 241 going on to request a test drive.
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