Using our truly unmissable RegitAds Takeover format, supported by Sponsored Content and RegitData, Jaguar reached over 800,000 new car buyers.
Our Objective
Jaguar's core objective was to create mass awareness of the XE to drive brand appeal and consideration over competitor models.
The Challenge
  • Achieve a significant amount of reach within high impactful, relevant environments.
  • Generate awareness around the launch of the XE to drive brand appeal and consideration over the likes of BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Audi A4.
  • Engage prospective buyers with stimulating and informative bespoke Sponsored Content promoting the brand and the XE.
The Solution
The timing of the launch allowed Jaguar to utilise the new, fully mobile responsive website, which enabled cross-channel targeting.

Jaguar became the first brand to fully take advantage of our Takeover offering. The rich, high impact skin sat across our homepage as well brand and competitor searches.

It was immediately clear that in order to drive appeal and consideration against competitor models that had firmly cemented their position in the market, we needed to take our consumers on a journey through the years. Evoking memories from the past, our bespoke editorial content detailed how the iconic brand had got to where it is today, the XE.

Utilising our in-depth targeting ability, we engaged in-market brand and competitor users with email and in-feed alerts via RegitData and directed them to unique editorial content written by our in-house team.
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The Results
  • We served over 2 million ad impressions, reaching 800,000 new car buyers.
  • Over 150,000 users read our content, driving appeal of the Jaguar brand and XE launch.
  • Overall, 14,000 unique users engaged with Jaguar’s display ads, leading to a CTR of 0.74%.
  • After sending 10,000 alerts to the target audience directing them to the editorial content we saw a 30% uplift in Display CTR.
We served over 2 million ad impressions and reached over 800,000 in-market new car buyers.
CTR averaged at a high 0.74% with over 14,000 unique users engaging with Jaguar's ad.
We generated more than 150 requests for brochures and test drives.
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