Using Cross Device Ad Formats and RegitData, we reached over 200,000 users and achieved 1.08% CTR with our Billboard format.
Our Objective
Osram's campaign objective was to drive brand awareness of the all-new Night Breaker Laser.
The Challenge
  • Generate awareness around the launch and drive brand appeal to those looking to upgrade their highlight.
  • Leverage in-depth targeting ability to inform drivers of older and second hand cars, about the benefits of the Osram Night Breaker Laser.
  • Communicate the benefits to users of upgrading their headlight through engaging advertorial.
The Solution
We employed strict targeting criteria and identified over 200,000 users. Targeting included premium brand owners out of warranty and users in-market for a service.

Osram were then able to reach these users via Cross Device Ad Formats, tapping into our already engaged audience.

To further optimise the campaign, our editorial team spoke with real users to understand their frustrations when driving at night. On the back of this, the team created an advertorial, found here.
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The Results
  • All-in-all, we served over 800,000 ad impressions.
  • 15,000 unique users read our advertorial, sparking mixed debates across social media about the use of headlights.
  • Billboard averaged at an excellent 1.08% CTR, proving our strict targeting.
  • We acheived a high 0.43% average campaign CTR across BB & MPU.
We identified and Osram reached over 200,000 users with their media.
Very high Billboard CTR at 1.08% and an average campaign CTR or 0.43%.
Over 5,000 users engaged with our content on-site and on our social channels.
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