Placing the brand centre stage with our RegitAds Takeover format, we reached 80,000 car buyers and searches increased 20% during the campaign.
Our Objective
SEAT tasked us with generating qualified test drive requests and drive footfall to dealers during their test drive event.
"On the May Event, you guys came up and delivered!

Best performer on the entire plan."
PHD Client Team
The Challenge
  • Reach, with high impactful and relevant environments in-market users interested in SEAT models.
  • Deliver promotional messaging around SEATs event and featured models, to raise awareness.
  • Generate qualified test drives requests and drive footfall to dealers during the event.
The Solution
SEAT were able to promote the test drive event through our Takeover offering utilising the majority of our homepage real estate.

Due to the nature of the event and to gain maximum exposure, we also featured the Takeover within other relevant areas including brand and competitor ownership hubs.

We created a bespoke landing page, featuring the lastest offers on cars that were featured during the event. Detailing information about each model, user and expert reviews and videos, we we're able to provide independent advice for users interested in the event.

We were then able to drive highly targeted, in-market traffic to the vehicle offers page through our personalised newsletter and in-feed alerts increasing CTR further.
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The Results
  • Almost 1 million ad impressions were served through the campaign.
  • Overall we saw SEAT searches increase by 20% during the event.
  • We achieved an average 0.5% CTR on the Takeover skin.
  • We were the top performing publisher on the plan.
Via our unique and bespoke Takeover offering we reached 80,000 in-market car buyers interested in the SEAT brand.
SEAT related searches on-site increased by 20% and CTR averaged at 0.5%.
Top performing publisher in terms of conversions, including delivering 17 test-drive requests.
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