Deploying RegitData to support RegitAds Cross Device Ad Formats, we targeted orphan car owners and CTR increased 150%.
Our Objective
Toyota's aim was to identify orphan owners who had been lost of the network and drive them to ‘My Toyota’.
Competitor comparison
Our unique tools enable us to identify key audiences with a real-time daily look up and retain owners to the dealer network who are in market for a service, MOT, warranty and service plans.
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The Challenge
  • Alert and inform users about Toyota’s servicing products and promote the ‘My Toyota’ owners’ area.
  • Drive targeted brand owners to ‘My Toyota’ where they can register their vehicle.
The Solution
Using Cross Device Ad Formats and in-feed alerts, Toyota were able to reach over 60,000 brand owners who had signed up for their own personalised hub.

We produced a series of educational Sponsored Content specifically around franchised vs. independent servicing, promoting the benefits of Toyota servicing within.

We targeted Toyota owners who were in-market for a Service or MOT with in-feed alerts driving them to the editorial content.
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The Results
  • We served over 370,000 ad impressions to Toyota users on-site.
  • Our MPU had high interaction, with 0.36% CTR.
  • Overall average campaign CTR was 0.20% across multiple ad formats.
  • After sending 3,000 alerts to in-market Toyota owners, directing them to the editorial content we saw a 150% uplift in Display CTR.
Toyota were able to reach over 60,000 unique owners who had registered on-site.
Strong performance across the board with MPU averaging at an industry high 0.36% CTR.
Activating data led targeting enabled us to deliver the most relevant media and message to our users.
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