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Audience Targeting

Regit is a unique publisher creating custom audiences and data around owner’s vehicle’s. Utilising our consented first party data and Lytics predictive targeting intelligence, we are able to retain brand owners and identify in-market competitors.

Most comprehensive data set available in the market with over 2.7M registered users, which include 1.7M with a Regit Digital garage, giving us access to a single customer view.

A growth rate of over 50k motorists per month, all creating a Digital Garage. A user registration enables us to capture 300 fields of data, including make, model, age, first registered etc.

Heavily in-market Lytics and Digital garage user base.

Regit Audience By Car

Body Type

  • Hatchback:
  • 1,264,545
  • SUV:
  • 260,526
  • Saloon:
  • 260,526
  • Sports Car/Coupe:
  • 242,463
  • Estate:
  • 189,623
  • Other:
  • 262,407

Top 8 Car Make

  • Ford:
  • 584,905
  • Vauxhall:
  • 482,532
  • Volkswagen:
  • 361,802
  • BMW:
  • 286,867
  • Mercedes-Benz:
  • 204,571
  • Audi:
  • 199,275
  • Peugeot
  • 181,013
  • Nissan
  • 152,023


Lead Generation
Access thousands of in-market car buyers interested in your brand.
Success Stories:
Infiniti BMW
Easily integrate our scalable and powerful API into your website, app, software or CRM application.
Data & Email Marketing
Harness our fully compliant and in-depth automotive data for your own marketing communications.
Success Stories:
Ford Toyota Osram
Display Advertising
Want to drive conversions with targeted display advertising? Find out how we can help you here.

Moments that matter

Find in-market new car buyers interested in your brand
Leveraging our multi-channel Premium RegitLeads offering and RegitAds Bespoke Brand Package, we generated over 1,000 high-quality leads for Infiniti.
Success Stories:
test drives
Standout from the crowd and generate mass awareness
Using our truly unmissable RegitAds Takeover format, supported by Sponsored Content and RegitData, Jaguar reached over 800,000 new car buyers.
Success Stories:
Jaguar SEAT
0.74% CTR
Identify orphan car owners and bring them back into the network
Achieving reach and relevance via RegitAds and RegitData, over 25,000 users visited Ford's Motorcraft 4+ website.
Success Stories:
Ford Osram Toyota
#1 third party data provider