Increase your sales using data and machine learning.
Together with, we have created a market-leading algorithm which enables us to predict when a user is likely to change their car, based off their car registration.
What is it?
Every manufacturer and every dealer has untapped potential in their data. Locked in silos, it's hard to decode. But every registration number is an opportunity. And over time we've come to realise and unlocked the predictive potential within this unique identifier. Now you can truly bring your customer data to life.

Launching in Q4 2017, using RegitPredict, you’ll be able to increase your sales through data and machine learning.
How it works?
First of all it’s completely secure. Using your anonymised / hashed car registration number data through an API , we’ll add this to our Regit customer lifecycle data.

We then process this data using our proprietary predictive algorithms and machine learning technology.

Finally, we’ll tell you which customers are likely to buy or change a car and which leads are most likely to result in a sale, using a score format of 1 to 4. It’s as simple as that.
Why this option?
RegitPredict enables you to take your data and separate the buyers from the time wasters which drives revenue and sales growth.

We’re looking for industry partners to be the first to market this revolutionary prediction tool.
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